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Innova CMS

Technology applied to compliance

Innova CMS is a compliance and integrity portal designed to implement and promote a culture of ethics and compliance in business organizations.

The portal consists of 3 modules with powerful tools specially designed for comprehensive management of compliance processes in business organizations.
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Innova CMS - Software de Compliance e integridad

Our web portal for compliance and integrity


Comprehensive risk management and internal control

Innova GRC is the module for comprehensive risk management of business organizations. It allows managing the entire life cycle of any type of risk: identification, analysis, assessment, control, monitoring and continuous improvement. It has an advanced reporting system as well as an alert subsystem that allows you to be perfectly informed in time about all the tasks that you need to do.
Innova GRC - Software de gestión integral de riesgos y control interno
Innova ETHICS - Canal de denuncias

Compliance reporting system

ETHICS is a web platform that allows employees and interested stakeholders to report any irregularities detected within the organization in a totally confidential way.

It was developed according to the ISO27001 security standard and in compliance with the requirements of data protection legislation and Directive (EU) 2019/1937 on whistleblowing. It includes both the registration and follow-up of complaints and the generation of reports that can be exported to PDF.

Playful compliance training

Play&Comply is an application for mobile devices and PCs that aims to train employees on compliance in a fun and effective way by the use of gamification methods. Employees learn and enjoy themselves, which leads to a doubly positive experience. The application conveys important aspects of the knowledge area through questions, surprises, jokers, and certifications with a system of points, prizes and penalties to motivate the employee to a better understanding of each concept and ensure sufficient absorption of the content.
Play & Comply