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Make your own game rules!

Would you like to make an impact with your compliance training and receive positive feedback from your employees?
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Carry out your compliance training in a playful way

Play&Comply is an app for mobile devices that aims to educate employees about compliance in a fun and effective way. It uses the dynamics of a board game, which includes several attractive and motivating components. Play&Comply users learn in a playful way, which is reflected in a doubly positive experience ("gamification").

How does it work?

  • 1. Register
  • 2. Select the language and the training board
  • 3. Answer the questions, overcome challenges, watch training sessions in audiovisual format, collect as many points as possible and train in a different and enjoyable way
  • 4. Learn in a playful way!

Características Principales

  • Simple and intuitive user interface
  • Multi-Platform
  • Customizable web design (responsive)
  • Various levels of difficulty
  • Different game boards or simultaneous training activities
  • Customizable question library
  • Individual and global usage statistics
  • Activity register
  • Learning control
  • Accreditation Diploma
  • User Manual